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Landowners may earn passive income from preserving their Agro-Forestry and following Best Practices for Conservation of Greenery and Forest cover.

Benefits for Landowners 

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Estimated Returns per acre

Up to 2 years


2-10 yrs.




20-30 yrs.

$ 1200-1800

30-40 yrs.


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Landowner Responsibilities 

  • Verifications
  • Landowner shall give access to the land for re-verification
  • Landowner shall cooperate with Aurigraph to get approvals for Drone, survey and any licenses required from Local bodies.
  • Forest conservation & growth
  • Take all measures to protect the trees and any natural calamity will be immediately notified.
  • Inform any change due to any natural or man-made causes
  • Measures to increase carbon storage capacity
  • Planting trees
  • Restoring degraded forests
  • Protecting existing forests from deforestation and degradation
  • Managing forests sustainably to increase their carbon storage capacity

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Aurigraph Active Contracts for ACM

Revenue share

  • Landowner: 40 % 

  • No Hidden Charges! 

  • Minimum Parcel size: 10 Acres

  • Landowners need to provide be verifiable title deed of land and eKYC for all owners
  • Revenue sharing smart contract for a period of 40 years
  • Provide clear title documents of property
  • Transparent and seamless Automation
  • No Signup or Hidden Fees!
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