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Aurigraph DLT 

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  • Revolutionizing Fintech through Triple Entry Accounting Principles!
  • Based on Yuji Ijjri’s paper on Triple Entry systems, Cornell University, 1981-89
  • Peer-to-Peer transactions in a highly decentralized architecture ensuring High Availability and Security!
  • Need At least five active nodes to randomly elect a Notary in under 300 milliseconds
  • Each Tokenized Transaction is homomorphically encrypted, digitally signed and transmitted as compiled data over secure channels, not as raw JSON, offering four layers of security with Post Quantum Security. 
  • Notary will Match/Reconcile transaction data, send for RAFT based consensus within network before updating ledger
  • Support for Upstream/downstream Track-and-Trace


  • Mining-less Protocol eliminates need for Cryptocurrency 
  • Fixed Transaction Fee, no variable gas fee
  • High throughput and super scalability with over 100000 Transactions per second
  • Zero Latency – Under 500 milliseconds
  • Low footprint – Under 50 MB per node
  • K-native Containerized deployment for rapid scalability
  • Lowest power consumption for any DLT (under $3/year)

Open Data

Open Data market is just going to grow leaps and bounds in the next few years. As per Mckinsey's report, the market size is growing form 185.5 Billion dollars to 334 Billion dollars by 2025. 

Data accessible through APIs following User Consent logged to an immutable and irrepudiable Ledger. Open Data platforms need to be:

  • Real time sharing of data, including transactional data
  • Immutable & Irrepudiable User consent to share consumer data
  • Deliver personalized products and services
  • Drive Inclusion within Informal sectors

Open Data are finding use cases in Healthcare, Education, Finance and Banking to provide Flow based data to Data Users to deliver personalized services.

silver round coin on white table

Active Contracts

Aurigraph Active Contracts bring alive real world legal contracting with Data automation and auto-contract execution, reducing fraud and non-compliance, through transparency. Data Automation embeds user and contractual data such as KYC, asset, and bank details to be directly into the smart contract for their respective single source of truth with user consent. Once all subscribers have collaborated and completed the contract details, Role based access control is used to manage events and triggers are programmed for auto execution of the Active contract. The smart contract is then deployed in respective subscriber nodes for auto-execution. Active Contracts charge a fixed transaction fee in FIAT currency, unlike speculative gas fee on other platforms while delivering super scalability and low latency. Aurigraph Active Contracts can be great solutions for contracting and Insurance sector which require frequent contracts to be implemented and executed.