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Fake News. Morphed images and videos!

Synthetic Content with Generative AI and Fake content, both man-made and AI-generated, pose a serious threat to content creators as well as original content. Content is being falsely attributed to falsify the narratives, leading to legal action. Content shared across social media loses traceability and accountability with Unverified content. As laws evolve on curtailing managing “fake news” and morphed content, the onus is moving from fake news creators to publishers, with possible punitive action. Further content piracy and synthetic content will soon face legal action which most governments are moving to regulate, given the grave consequences.

NFTs are history!

While NFTs created a awareness about digital assets, they remained unregulated with no traceability, leading to a bubble that burst. Unrealistic valuations and hype resulted in the demise of the model.

Digital Assets

Transparent traceability and governance can lend  long term value to digital assets which lead to robust and consistent monetization. Applying credible and verifiable mechanisms to digital assets will help in evolving innovation leading to resurrection of digital assets as an financial asset.

Global Digital Asset Management Market

2023: USD 4.9 Billion

2033: USD 20 Billions

CAGR of 15.1%  


Global Digital Content Market size 2018-2032  

·        2022: USD 162.9 billion

·        2032: USD 282.3 billion

·        CAGR : 6.30%

 Source: Market Reseach Future

Market size by content 

Video and Graphic content expected to see highest growth between 2022 and 2032

Source: Market Reseach Future

Aurex Digital Asset Tokenization marketplace for media and entertainment

Tokenizing Digital Assets can create new asset classes with corresponding monetization models. Aurigraph creates Digital Twins of any digital asset, through verified accounts and devices, using the  verified data of the underlying asset and its owner(s). The Digital Twin is then tokenized and bound to Aurigraph ActiveContract along with the author and Aurigraph Aurex for listing on Aurigraph Aurex. A consumer or buyer of the Tokenized Asset may register and sign up for the ActiveContract to consume and distribute the Tokenized Asset across the internet.

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